Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Ellie!

Ellie is 4 years old today (doesn't it sound old). She had a great year. She went to school for the first time. She absolutely adored her teachers (Miss Holly and Miss Carrie could do no wrong).

She learned to write her name. She is still learning how to share. Ellie is a great big sister. She has unending patience with Shannon. She is Shannon's hero and Shannon just adores her. She's not the greatest little sister and loves to call Lauren "a bum bum baby) among other things.

She is quite the lady. I often think that the author of Fancy Nancy captured the essence of my Ellie.

She was our first step into normal parenting. We have been so much more relaxed with Ellie. We were never in a hurry to see her do anything; we were simply thankful that she did it.

I'm sure Ellie's 4th year will be just as busy as all the other ones.

Ellie's cake

Ellie waiting to blow out her candles

Presents? For me? You shouldn't have!

It was a very Tinker Belle birthday!

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