Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm a unique creature

I'm four days past my due date. I'm feeling Ok and Omega looks great on the monitors. I had an unnecessary C-section in 2005 so I'm not a canidate for an induction. The only thing I could do at this point is schedule a repeat C-section and I'm not willing to do that. I hated my C-section and would do anything to avoid that at this point.

I have a tentative plan to have my water broken next Wednesday and which point I will be 41 weeks and 2 days. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that but I never thought I'd be four days past my due date either.

The best part of this is when people ask me when my due date is and I tell them last Monday. Ninety-nine percent of the time their mouths drop open in shock. I think I may be the only person they've ever met who has gone past their due date. I just laugh. Omega will come when they are ready and their is nothing I can do to speed that up.

Not the most flattering picture of me but here I am on my due date.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Funny Story from Bob

Bob called me at work on Wednesday and we had the following conversation.

Bob: "Hey, Kris are you off on Monday? The kids are off and so am I.

Me: "Yes, I'm off why?"

Bob: "Oh, because I saw a flyer at Ellie's school which said there was going to be skating on Monday. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Me: "Yes, it would. Are you taking both of them? Neither of them have skated and I didn't know you could skate!"

Bob "Well, I figured we could all go."

Me: "And exactly how could I do that? I'm going to be 39 weeks pregnant on Monday!"

Bob "Oh, I forgot! I guess we should go."

It made me laugh a lot. Bob kept saying it was becuase he couldn't see me. He is so not a women. A women would never forget she was 39 weeks pregnant.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Lasts

I will be 39 weeks pregnant on Monday. This will be our last child. There is a thought of completition and also a thought of relief that I never have to do this again.

But in some ways I'm approaching some lasts. This is the last time I will give birth to a baby. It is the last time I will hear someone say "it's ___" and have it pertain to my child. It's the last time I will hold a brand spanking new baby.

It's the last time we will bring home a new baby. It's the last time our children will meet there sibling. It's the last time I will feel a baby kick in my belly.

There are so many lasts that will occur in the week ahead. I'm not sad at all. I'm just acknowledging there are some lasts coming up and I'm trying to savor each and every moment.

My lasts are very little sad endings but more they signal a happy beginning of something new and better.

My friend Joy has experienced some real lasts and it is much different.

Monday, January 11, 2010

38 weeks pregnant

Here I am with two of my girly girls. The 3rd girly girl was the photographer.

My littlest girl is kind of possessive of me.

It's not fair

I just found out a girl I work with and who was due one day before me went and had her baby already.

Don't you know that hearing that someone had their baby at 36 weeks and I'm still looking like a whale at 38 weeks does nothing to help me?

Well, it's not like I really expect to have a baby early. I just hope for on time at this point. My history does not lend itself to early babies.

Lauren was born on her due date, not induced or anything. It does happen.

Ellie was born two days after her due date.

Shannon was born two days before her due date.

I guess I should give my self until 1/23 until I get antsy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daddy for President!!

Lauren looked at me and said "Do you think my daddy will be president one day?" She means president of the country. Any ideas what she's learning about in social studies right now?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dinnertime conversation

Lauren said "We have indoor recess all week. It cold out"

Then she asked, "You have recess at you work"

I said, no and Ellie jumped in and said "That's cause Mommy doesn't have a playground"

I wish it was that easy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Shannon needs help

Shannon likes to fall on the floor. She waits to see who is looking, sticks out her hand, and then yells "I need a little help please"

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Poll

We took a poll tonight to see what Omega is. Here is the breakdown.

1 vote for girl (that would be Lauren)

1 vote for boy (that would be Ellie)

2 votes for undecided (that would be Kristin and Bob)

1 vote for a puppy (that would be Shannon and I can say with 100% certainty that she's wrong)

Shannon also likes to say that "we going to have a baby. Then, we going to buy a puppy" I have no idea where she came up with that but it is entirely UNTRUE. There will be no puppies in this house for a very long time.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had an absolutely wonderful 2009 so I'm a little sad to see it go. However, I hope 2010 is an even better year. I can name two wonderful things that I know will be happening this year. We will complete our family this year and Bob and I will see the end of our first decade of marriage together. I never could have imagined how quickly 10 years would go by.

We attempted to stay up until midnight but it never happened. Shannon and I were the first to fall asleep at 9:00. Hey, I'm tired and crabby and very pregnant. What can I say! I woke up at 11:15 and Bob and the girls were passed out on the floor.

The night was not a complete loss. We had a lot of great food. We had sweet and sour meatballs with rice pilaf. Ellie wanted malts and we had some cake with them. The girls and I had apples on sticks and dipped them in carmel or as the girls like to call it "carnival". Fruit on sticks are always better than fruit not on sticks.