Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Storm

It doesn't usually snow much in our area. Bob and I don't think that it has snowed this much since 2003. We are on our third snow day in the last two weeks. It doesn't sound bad but we've also had a day off due to President's day and a day off for confrences. I don't think they are ever going back to school.

Headed out for fun in the snow.

Three girly girls on a sled. I wonder where bonus boy will fit?

They came in exactly as I predicted. Lauren almost immediately. Shannon came in when her little toddler fingers were frozen. Ellie trailed in a long time later. She insisted on helping Bob clean off the van. Next time, he will have to hold her up to clean off all the windows.

As for me and Ian, we chilled in the house.

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