Friday, July 9, 2010

The best laid plans

I had some awesome plans for last weekend.

Bob was off on Sunday and Monday and so was I. On Sunday, we were going to take the kids to see the Toy Story 3 and on Monday I was going to clean out their rooms.

Well, we did take them to see Toy Story 3 but I had a very difficult time cleaning out their rooms because we had just seen Toy Story 3.

I have a garbage bag full of stuff including some old toys that I can bare to get rid of. Darn Disney!

But the movie was good. It does make me remember that I try to cherish all of the times I spend with the kids. Irregardless of whether it is a good time, a not so good time, or a stressful time. I attempt to love it all.

I desperately try to remember to things. One, tomorrow is a hope not a promise. Two, one day my kids will do things for the very last time. Someone will call me Mommy for the very last time. Someone will run back to give me a hug for the very last time. Someone will pour lemondae all over the kitchen floor because they did it "ALLBYMYSELF" for the very last time. Someone will come up and tell me that I am their favorite mom for the very last time. Some day it will be the very last time and I will miss it. Thanks for the reminder Disney!

However, as an added bonus Ellie now will drop to the floor randomly with her mouth slightly open and say "I'm a toy"

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A urora said...

We saw TS3 and enjoyed it very much. But oh, did I feel guilty!! With moving, I've done some major decluttering... ouch.