Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've decided that I'm tired of looking the way I do. I'm tired of weighing so much.

Plan A was simply to complain and moan and cry when ever I tried on clothes. And then eat ooey, gooey deserts after crying. Plan A was a dismal failure. I can't figure out why.

I've now enter Plan B. Plan B involves me wrestling and herding three active girls to the Y at least nights a week by myself while carrying a carseat. The worst part is getting in the door.

Once I drop said children off a child care, I actually exercise. I've decided that I'm going to run a 5K by the time Ian is one. So, I have six more months.

I've been walking for 4 minutes and then running for 1. Yesterday, I actually managed to look like I was running and not dying. I was feeling really good about myself.

That is of course until SHE showed up. By she, I mean the lady who climbed onto the treadmill and began to run continuously and effortlessly.

That wasn't the bad part.

She was 7 months pregnant.

It made me almost result to Plan A.



A urora said...

Good for you!

Just think of those 4 cute little cheerleaders (dressed in your signature matching clothes) waiting for you at the finish line!

Kristin said...


If I put Ian in a cheerleading outfit, I may be the single mom of 4 kids 7 and under.

Bob would just drop over dead.

Amanda said...

Way to go!! I wish you luck and encouragement as you start plan B. Plan A is where I fell back to last week, so I know how easy it is to go back to the whining and crying. Stick with it, and maybe you'll see results fast! I'm still waiting for my results. My friends all say something about changing my diet or something like that. I'm not really listening. :)


A urora said...

ha ha

okay, how about a jersey and a big foam finger?? ;-)