Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our year in number, 2010 edition

Number of people in our family- 6, (that's it we are finally done)
Days Kristin was overdue- 7
Number of minutes from the time Kristin left work to the time she held Ian-94
Number of minutes from standing in the parking lot to holding a baby- 55
Number of times we said "I can't believe it's a boy"- 238,358
Number of people who said "so, you finally got your boy"- 239
Number of pigtails Kristin does before she goes to work- 6
Days spent at the pool- 45
Kids in school-3
IEP meetings-1
New jobs-0
Birthday parties Lauren was invited to- 1
Pounds of apples picked-14
Times we went to the pumpkin patch- 3
Milkshakes made-129
Drinks Bob drank for the world tour- almost 100
Days we snuggled Ian- 335
People who said "well, you certainly have your hands full"- more than I care to count
People who smiled and said "isn't that wonderful"- probably less than 10
Stitches received- 3
Children versus celing fan- 1 (celing fan won)

Days that we remain grateful and thankful for what God has given us- 365

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