Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

The stockings are hung on the bookcase with care

Lauren got a Belle Ornament. She really likes it.

Ellie looks at the contents of her stocking.

Shannon makes it downstairs. She's already to go.

Shannon digs into her stocking and finds socks.

Opening presents is intense work.

This is actually Lauren's favorite present, once she figured out what it was. She loved her sleeping bag and hugged it and said "My wish came true"

Fancy Nancy is always a hit at our house. Ellie could wait to have this book read to her.

Shannon love the show "Ni-How Keiland". She got little stuffed animals of all the main characters. She kept yelling "My Keiland baby, my Toli Baby, My Ho-ho baby, My Lou-lou Baby, My Rin-too baby, all of my babies". It was definetely a hit. My big baby belly couldn't be left out either.

It was good to have Christmas (well, a day early) at home this year. We had a good time celebrating by ourselves.

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