Sunday, January 17, 2010

Funny Story from Bob

Bob called me at work on Wednesday and we had the following conversation.

Bob: "Hey, Kris are you off on Monday? The kids are off and so am I.

Me: "Yes, I'm off why?"

Bob: "Oh, because I saw a flyer at Ellie's school which said there was going to be skating on Monday. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Me: "Yes, it would. Are you taking both of them? Neither of them have skated and I didn't know you could skate!"

Bob "Well, I figured we could all go."

Me: "And exactly how could I do that? I'm going to be 39 weeks pregnant on Monday!"

Bob "Oh, I forgot! I guess we should go."

It made me laugh a lot. Bob kept saying it was becuase he couldn't see me. He is so not a women. A women would never forget she was 39 weeks pregnant.

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Bridget said...

Too funny! I can't imagine ice skating at 39 weeks!