Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Ellie!

Five entire years with Ellie. Ellie has been our first glimpse of normal. Our first experience of the journey that most people go on. She has reassured us with her normalcy when everyone else tried to blames us for Lauren.

She's been to the doctor exactly one time this year, on her 4 year well check. She so boringly and wonderfully normal and we love it for it.

Ellie has learned to copy letters. She has a great joy for life. She is a leader in her class. She is compassionate to the kids in her class that have special needs, if only that could translate to our home.

She was just telling me the other day that she didn't think she ever be 5. It was taking so long to get there. She's the only one that thinks that.

Ellie became a big sister for the last time this year. She loves Ian and he just adores her.

We went to DQ for her birthday per her request and had ice cream in lieu of a cake.

Here's some pictures of my birthday girl.

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