Thursday, May 6, 2010


I went to a training confrence at work this past week. It was a series of talks and lectures with some directly relating to my job such as a discussion on the effects of obesit. There were some more indirectly related to our job such as the speech on SBS.

SBS is Shaken Baby Syndrome which is a subject dear to my heart. According to a 2003 study, over 1,300 babies a year are vicitms of SBS. Thanks to the work of advocates, you are not able to leave the hospital in my state without being given some information about SBS.

I delivered Lauren in March of 2003. My recovery room TV had very few chanels to chose from. I had two choices: coverage of the new war in Iraq and March Madness. Neither appealed to me.

I did watch a video about SBS. I remeber very few details about the movie but I do remember thinking "Well, that was a waste of time. Who would ever shake a baby?" That was back in the era when I was still a perfect parent. I was able to be a perfect parent because I had not yet left the hospital with my offspring.

Enter Lauren, enter sleepless nights and unrelenting crying that lasted for 15 hours a day. Lauren cried more in one day then many newborns cry in one day.

After that, I got it. I see how people shake babies. I see what happens. In those moments in time, all I wanted her to do was stop crying. I didn't even want her to stop crying for days, I just wanted her to stop crying for a few minutes and I would have done anything.

Sitting and listening to the speaker I was struck with a few thoughts ranging from how far I've come since 2003 and how easily Lauren could have been included in the statistics fro SBS.

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