Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat fun

Trick or treat was a lot of fun this year. We ended up going twice (not counting Trunk or Treat). Lauren's teacher had invited them to go trick or treating at her house. There was a big mix up on the dates. Her teachers lives in the same school district as she teaches in but all of her students live in a different city from that school district yet attend that school district. This led to the city that the school district is in having Trick or Treat on Thursday while her student's Trick or Treat night was not until Friday.

So, we dressed and loaded up all the kids to go Trick or Treating at Lauren's teacher's house. Of course, after you have just done all that prep, you don't just go home after one house.

Tonight was our neighborhood and we ran into a friend from school and did our neighborhood. Poor Ellie's wings were drooping and she was just ready to go home. Shannon had a great ride in the wagon and didn't make a peep because she had a "nummie" in both hands.

The night was finished off with pizza. Don't worry kids most of the candy goes to mommy's work on Monday.

Bob and the parade of princesses

The Tinkerbelles

Riding in style

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