Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big tooth day

Yesterday, could have more appropriately titled "Tooth Day".

Ellie was up all night long screaming about her mouth. She had cracked a front molar and it had decayed. It was causing her a lot of pain. I went to work and I was able to find out that a. we qualify for finacial assistance based on our family size, income level, and lack of dental insurance and b. the Dental Clinic has emergency hours.

I hurried home and grabbed her and took downtown to the Dental Clinic. I have not been to downtown Children's in over four years. They quickly sized her up and chose to remove her tooth. They strapped her to a papoose board and numbed her up and basically pulled her tooth out in two sections. After it was over, she sat up and looked at the dentist and said "I don't like you". She's nothing if not honest.

Back at the homefront, Shannon head butts Lauren and one of her bottom teeth which was hanging by a thread came out. Don't worry all of Shannon's teeth are intact

The tooth fairy has yet to come as she is exhausted.

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Arielle said...

Good grief! What a day! I did not know you were on blogs. Cool! :0)