Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I believe that the Bible is God breathed and in infalliable. I believe that in Gensis, when creation is discussed, that the world was created in 7 24 hour days. I don't believe in macro evolution. Macro evolution is the evolution from species to species.

One of the premises of evolution is that mutations help create change. It is mutations that created a variation in the species. That variation usually helps the members effected adapt in some way. The ones without the mutation die out. They pass that mutation on to their offspring and in multiple generations you eventually have only that mutations displayed. That's the real short version of a complicated theory.

I believe the theory is faulty. It is based upon the belief that mutations are good things. It is based on the belief that a mutation is helpful.

Cysic Fibrosis is a mutation. In that mutation, the body does not produce one enzyme. It ends up being catastrophic for the person effected. It causes decreased lung function and digestive problems. All because the mucus that coats the lungs and digestive tract of a non-effected person, chokes the lungs and digestive tract of an effective person.

Lauren's chromosomes are mutated. She has a mutation on two chromosome. Because of those mutations, she was diagnosed with FTT at 5 months, she has decreased gross motor skills, she has fine motor skills that are delayed over 4 years. She has no impulse control and has extreme attention problems. She is also diagnosed with Autism.

Tell me again how this mutation is helpful?

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