Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School for Lauren

Lauren's last day of school was today. I stand in amazement at what she has acomplished this year.

She is so much more social. I know that joining Girl Scouts was a wonderful idea for her. She actually initiates conversations with kids instead of simply repeating phrases. The other kids undestand her and respond to her with friendship (for the most part).

She met or made progress in most of her IEP goals except for writing. She is reading below grade level but she has come far. She was able to identify 0 letters on her 1st day of kindergarten. Today, she came name all upper and lower case letters. She can identify 43 sight words. Her goal was 27.

She is making slow, very slow progress with writing and fine motor skills.

Bob and I agonized over this descision on when to send her to kindergarten. Should we send her with her age group? Or should we do another year of preshcool? You would have thought we were sending the kid to college. When I went to her first IEP meeting, in 2/09, what we needed to do was so clear. I needed to unenroll her from her preschool and put her in a 50/50 class at the public preschool. Anything else would have been wrong. This descision was not clear; it was very, very grey. But it was the right descision. I can't imagine her still being in preschool now.

All ready for the last day of kindergarten!

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