Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

It was a great day to go to the pumpkin patch (and yes they do wear dresses or skirts everywhere, even the pumpkin patch).

Shannon and Ellie love being sisters.

Lauren loved finding corn.

We rode on ponies.

We found some pumpkins

We saw some sweet little cows

I think we spent most of the time just sitting with the rabbits. Shannon kept saying "come here bunny, come bunny". They all thought the rabbits should come home with us. However, the Bob and I disagreed.

As an added bonus, a picture of the three girls and they are all generally looking in the same direction.

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Joy said...

Those candy corn shirts are so incredibly cute on your girls! Looks like a really fun day. I hated to miss your visit last week -- I heard Anna and Ellie are best buddies.