Monday, April 26, 2010

12 weeks old

Ian is twelve weeks old. It feels like just a moment ago I was in bed at the hospital getting to know my newest little guy.

He's changed so mcuh. He attempts to talk to us. He smiles all the time. He is very intersted in what those big girls are doing.

Ellie is still in love with him.

He got his first little tooth yesterday. His second one isn' far behind. I'm going to miss those huge gummy grin.

He's still nursing and nursing well. He drinks about two bottles a day when I'm at work. Daddy takes great care of him while I'm away.

He can roll over from belly to back and he's always shocked when he does. He's working on rolling the other way.

His hands are his best friends but the celing fans aren't a far second.

Not bad for twelve weeks of live, huh??

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