Monday, April 19, 2010

Free at last!

I was sitting on the couch last night while Bob was at work and I heard a ruckus from the downstairs bathroom. Ellie ran upstairs and yelled "Mom, Shannon is stuck in the bathroom".

I went down and tried to convince her to open the door but with her being almost three and laughing, it didn't go so well. I waited and waited. I started wondering how long I could leave her in there without Children's Services doing an investigation.

I called Bob. He ignored me. I called his work and he figured there was blood involved. I think he was disappointed to learn that Shannon was stuck in the bathroom.

I then tried to pry open the door with his encouragement from the phone. That didn't go so well.

He was pretty convinced she could get out on her own. I was doubtful. He then hung up on me.

I said "Shannon, do you want to make Brownies?" The door opens and Shannon walks out singing "I freeeeee".

Just another day.

1 comment:

A urora said...

so funny.

I think your brownie bait falls into the parenting category of 'thinking smarter, not harder'

ha ha ;-)