Friday, April 9, 2010

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Autism and other special needs can be life altering and life consuming. It makes what should be no big deal turn into a big deal. It can make a simple trip to the grocery store something that needs to be well thought out and well planned.

I've seen my two typical toddlers learn to speak. I've seen Ellie learn to write her name with ease. I've seen them meet developmental milestones and I've been proud.

Since having Lauren, I've stopped caring about when my children did something. I've learned to rejoice that they've done it. But I've always assumed that the would do it.

With Lauren, I make no assumptions. I do not assume that she will learn to read. I'm just happy if she does. I will jump for joy if she learns to write her name because I no longer assume she will. I'm not pessimistic, I'm realistic. I no longer look at normal child development as a given. I know it is a gift.

So, that's why this week my heart leaped with joy.

Lauren was invited to a birthday part and I am so extremely happy.

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