Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eli's homegoing

A friend of ours daughter was born with a severe heart defect that was undetected until 3 day of life. At some point, she suffered permanent brain damage. She had 4 open heart surgeries in her short 8 years of life.

Eli went Home on Sunday night peacefully and without warning. There was no warning, no IVs, and her parents made no descisions. She simply went to bed and woke up with the ability to run, jump, and dance. Eli, who loved music so much, can now sing.

I am horribly sadden for her family. There is a mother who misses a child, an empty bed, and a family who is one member short.

I am not sad for Elli. I know where Elli is and I know that Elli is where she is not because of what she did but because of Whom she knew.

Because of that fact, we can hope because we know that this life is not the end. This life is simply of shadow of what is to become.

I strive to teach my children many many things. I try to teach them kindness. I try to teach them to turn off the light in the bathroom when they are finished. I try to teach them that vegetables are not icky. I'm desparately trying to teach my Ellie that she cannot fly.

However, the only thing that is important that I presses on my heart daily is to teach them to know and love God. Not to know God as in to know VBS Bible stories but to know God and His Holiness. To know God, to Serve God, and to Obey Him.

I am mourning for Eli's family but Elli is not an angel and she is no longer trapped in a body that does not work. Elli has been made whole and Elli is finally in the image of the One who made her.

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