Monday, October 13, 2008

We've moved

We've acutually been here almost a month and I still feel like we just got here. Half of our stuff is still in the garage. I think there might be 4 or 5 pictures on the wall.

I hate moving. My new plan is to live in this house until our credit is restored and then buy a house. After we move to that house, I am never moving again. My family can bury me in the backyard if they want.

A typical box-packing experience for me is

1. Decide to put something in box.

2. Label box with room identification like Kitchen, Bathroom.

3. Leave and find out why Ellie is running around without clothes on.

4. Throw some more things in said box

5. Figure out what child has tape and forcibly remove tape from child's hand.

6. Go back and repack the things that Shannon has thrown out of box.

7. Search for one more thing to put in box.

8 Figure out who has stolen my marker and who has tattooed which sister

9. Take Shannon out of Box

10. Take the Things Lauren has added to box out

11. Tape box

12. Feeling proud go fix lunch and contenplate packing another box

13. Hours later, remember something that I desperately need is at the bottom of said box.

14. Vow to never move again.

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