Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Every time, we walk outside Ellie yells "Mom, I need my hook up. I can't go out unless I get my hook up". I always make her day by hooking her up with putting her hood up.

She loves perpercorney pizza.

She says "Shaney loves me so much". It sounds so sweet until you see poor Shannon captured in the death grip of someone who had a two year head start on life.

We had an important conversation that quickly spiraled down.

Me: Were did you get those stickers?
E: At preschool. I was good listener.
Me: That's great. It's good to listen.
E: You listen at work. They give you stickers.
Me: Well, I listened but they don't give out stickers at my worker.
E: You no listen, you run around
Me: No, I listened. They just don't give out stickers to grown-ups at work. (thinking maybe they should)
E: No, you no listened. You a scary monster at work and chase people and try to eat them. You no get sticker like that

At that point, I was laughing too hard to continue this conversation

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