Saturday, October 24, 2009


We love going back to our old college (now university). We try to go back for homecoming every year. The girls like the stroll down memory lane as well or at least they don't complain. The highlight of the visit for them is staying a hotel.

It was so cold sitting and waiting for the parade. It did get warmer as the day went by.

Shannon was so excited to get candy that she kept yelling "I got candy Daddy"

We made them suffer through a football game of course. Guess that's what happens when your daddy played football until he was a sophmore in college!

They had bounce things for the kids set up. This is where the girls and I spent most of the football game. Shannon was being tough stuff that day.

It was great to get back to the hotel. The school we went to is built into a hillside. We can honestly tell the kids how we walked uphill to school both way (and be honest). Now, the five feet of snow would definetely be an exaggeration!

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Amanda said...

I think one time I actually took my shoes off so I could honestly say "I walked uphill both ways barefoot!!"

Maybe next year we'll go back for the parade. Looks like it was fun for the whole family!