Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Early St. Patrick's Day

The town we live in had a St. Patrick's Day parade today. We decided to make a day of it.

We went at 8:30 so we could get some good seats. We tossed our blankets and our wagon right outside of Ellie's preschool. We went to the Pancake breakfast. The pancakes were good. It appeared we got there at the right time as the line got very long as soon as we sat down.

They were seeling raffle tickets and I made Bob buy some. Wouldn't you know the next two prizes go to him? We won a $140 gift card to the wine cellar and a medium pizza to a local pizza shop.

After, we left we went to the library for storytelling. It was good until the welcoming committee (aka Shannon) started entertaining everyone. She was cute but people were not there to see her.

We went back and waited for the parade and listened to a band, the Hoolingans. They were quite entertaining.

It was fun waiting for the parade

Some of the parade. It was a little cold. We asked Lauren and Ellie what they liked best they both said "The candy". What's a parade without candy!

Afterwards, they had some crafts, some bounce houses and some food at a shopping center. We watched Irish dancing. The girls were mesmerized and Ellie tried some while she watched. At the end of the day, Shannon was done.

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