Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I am thankful for

1. My husband, Bob
2. My first born Lauren
3. My second born Ellie
4. My 3rd born Shannon
5. The unknown baby in my belly
6. That I have a job that pays decently well
7. The willingness of my husband to take a job that most people feel is demeaning
8. For Lauren's neurologist
9. For Lauren's special ed teacher. Her willingness to find new and creative ways to teacher Lauren never cease to amaze me.
10. For Lauren's 1st grade teacher. It's nice to have her treated as one of the kids in the classes instead of that kid with Autism
11. For everyone in Lauren's school who has taken the time to realize that while Lauren has Autism, she is not Autistic.
12. For You have made Christmas shopping so much easier this year.
13. For the genetic testing that gave us the answers that we were so desperately looking for but didn't know we wanted

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