Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last IEP of 2009

We moved in September and her new school district wanted to do a new MFE. I've now had to go to three official meetings since then. We had the last meeting yesterday. We discussed goals and more importantly how to get them.

The great news is that she will be going to 1st grade. It will be much easier from an intervention standpoint. She is pulled out for four different therapies and looses times in the classroom. In 1st grade, she'll be there all day instead of half day so she'll loose less time overall. Right now, she gets all the services they offer except ESL. We do speak English at home.

Bob is excited that she will be going to extended school year. She'll do some type of school this year. I'm not sure how much or what but she thrives on going to school. It could have been a very long summer for Bob.

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