Friday, January 9, 2009

Quite a Tease!

My littlest girl has become quite a tease. You ask Shannon to give you a hug and she comes barreling at you. Suddenly, she'll stop and look right at you and while she is a mere millimeter away from you, then she grins and runs the other way.

If you ask her if she loves you, she shakes her head furiously. If you ask her if she's Shannon, she bobs that little head around like she's a bobble head.

Right now, at 18 months, she is the embodiment of cute. Cuteness just drips from her pores. She grabs toys from her sisters and runs away cackling. It's cute because she is 18 months.

She kisses with an open mouth. She greets me every morning by raising her arms and looking into my eyes and saying "uppy". Who can resist her charms. She is so squeezably soft that all I want to do is hug her and so I do, a lot.

I no longer can pass out two snack bowls. I can no longer buy things in twos. I now must buy things ins threes. Shannon, as of right now, is Bob and My's baby. However, she has now placed herself in the pack of the big girls. She inches closers to being a big girl. Everyday she leaves more and more of her babyhood behind. She is racing to be one of the big girls and I sand quietly behind her saying "wait, wait for me. I'm just not ready"

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