Friday, January 2, 2009

New favorite words

Shannon has a bunch of new favorite words. One is hop. My mother in law bought Lauren an indoor hopskotch game for Christmas. Shannon loves it. She can't jump in the circles but runs around downstairs hopping yelling "hop, hop, hop".

She also has discovered a Dora Talking Backpack that no one has played with for years. She loves it and now sings along with it "Backpack, backpack". Sadly, it was in a box that was headed for Goodwill but it's sentence has been commuted. Thus, putting a damper in my get rid of stuff campaign.

Shannon doesn't understand, Ellie waves a very tearful good-bye to everything, and Lauren wants to put anything that's not nailed down in the box. Bob and I better be careful--- we might be next.

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